A free app, called "Tapestri" pays you $5-$25 every month.

Install, Activate and Earn. Give it to others and they earn $5-$25 every month.

You earn $1 for every person you give it to, every single month.

Increase your monthly earnings even more! Be a Tapestri Affiliate.

Become a Super Affiliate and you are given a share of the millions of orphan members that will be downloading the app without an affiliate sponsor.


No Selling. No Recruiting. No Requirements. No MLM. No Scam. No Ponzi Scheme. 100% Legit. 100% Free.

"We are looking for people to be APP TESTERS."

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Tapestri pays you $5 - $25 every month for your anonymous data. 

Feel free to share it with anyone you think would like to earn a little extra cash. Family, (age limit is 18 for children) friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers etc.

The App will reward you $1 per person extra (monthly) for sharing it.


(Watch my video to see a "scenerio" of just how much you could earn from Tapestri)

                   If you need help installing the app, GO HERE

        Learn what the difference is between the sign-up verses sign-in process.
        There is a 9 minute app walk-through video with CEO Walter Harrison.
        There's a form to get help if you are having issues creating your app account.
        Lastly, I have a video for you that shows how to promote the app.



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Worried About Your Personal Information While Online or On Apps?

Tapestri Does Not Track PII

Personally - Identifiable - Information, or PII, is any data that could potentially be used to identify a particular person. Examples include a full name, Social Security number, driver's license number, bank account number, passport number, and email address. These other companies track all these identifiers and the only thing they don’t take care of is your phone health. 

Tapestri Only Tracks/Sells Location Data…………Anonymously


There are no "catches" (no requirements) in this affiliate compensation plan...You share the Tapestri app, you are rewarded. Tapestri cannot and does not guarantee any levels of earnings in this affiliate program. It is up to you as far as how little or how much you want to earn. 

Tapestri meets all 15 keys in my article "15 Keys to Picking a Successful Business Opportunity" and several refer to requirements in order to earn. GO HERE to see the article.