Are You Aware That Your Data is More Valuable Than Oil?

Tapestri is a Free App and Wants To Pay YOU For It!

This is Very Important News!

Affiliate Founder's Club Membership: 

Prior to launch, pay $9.95 to be an affiliate and get 12 full months!


What is this "Tapestri" we're all hearing about?

Tapestri works seamlessly in the background and allows anyone who installs the free app to earn $5 - $25 per month for the anonymous data they are currently giving away.


Share the app & Earn even more money every month.

Ever wonder how Companies gather your info and monetize it?
Watch our CEO explain how Tapestri works.


Become part of Tapestri’s Super Affiliate Founder’s Club while there is still time. When 10 people join with you as a paid affiliate, you'll rank as a "Super Affiliate" which qualifies you for extra BONUSES!  

BUT You Need to Take Action NOW!

*My suggestion would be to sign up for the Affiliate program. Try it out for a year.

You'll have 12 full months to see if you like it.


Might as well try it out. If you decide you don't like it, cancel your subscription and just let the free app continue to pay you $5-$25 every month for your data.

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Worried About Your Personal Information While Online or On Apps?

Tapestri Does Not Track PII

Personally - Identifiable - Information, or PII, is any data that could potentially be used to identify a particular person. Examples include a full name, Social Security number, driver's license number, bank account number, passport number, and email address. These other companies track all these identifiers and the only thing they don’t take care of is your phone health. 

Tapestri Only Tracks/Sells Location Data…………Anonymously

NOTE: Your monthly subscription is manually suspended being it's a short term promotion. You may see the next subscription date scheduled for 30 days, but rest assured, you will NOT be charged. Our support team will be suspending your billing cycle for a full 12 months!